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Blue Light – what effect does it have on us?



Blue Light – what effect does it have on us?

A blue light is a short wavelength blue color detectable by the human eye, around us in nature and when using technology screens.  

Blue light from the sun and our screens boosts mood and alertness. Too much exposure in the evening can disrupt our body’s natural sleep cycle, slowing production of our sleep hormone, melatonin. Blue light glasses are eyeglasses with special blue light-blocking filters that can sometimes improve sleep and reduce digital eye strain. 

There is little evidence of long-term exposure effects, but there may be a few things to consider to protect your eyes and help your sleep patterns.  

Our tip: 

  • Use blue light blocking glasses

  • Put away the phone about 2 hours before going to bed. 

  • Use night or dark mode setting in the evening to lower screen brightness.


All in all, overexposure to blue light from nature is more concerning than our computers, but if you feel like you are having issues, try a few things mentioned above.  Make sure that you have the correct glasses and prescription for your screen time.  

Contact our team to discuss any concerns you may have.