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Signs of Possible Eye Trouble in Children



Signs of Possible Eye Trouble in Children

Good vision is key to a child's physical development, success in school and overall well-being. If one or more of these signs appear, take your child to an eye doctor right away.

What do your child's eyes look like?

  • Eyes don't line up, one eye appears crossed or looks out
  • Eyelids are red-rimmed, crusted or swollen
  • Eyes are watery or red (inflamed)


How does your child act?

  • Rubs eyes a lot
  • Closes or covers one eye
  • Tilts head or thrusts head forward
  • Has trouble reading or doing other close-up work
  • Things are blurry or hard to see
  • Squints eyes or frowns


What does your child say?

  • "My eyes are itchy," "My eyes are burning" or "I can't see that very well."
  • After doing close-up work, your child says "I feel dizzy," "I have a headache" or "I feel sick/nauseous."
  • "Everything looks blurry," or "I see double."


Remember, your child may still have an eye problem even if he or she does not complain or has not shown any unusual signs. Children should have routine eye exams with an Ophthalmologist.

Reference: Prevent Blindness America