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Why Am I Being Charged For A Contact Lens Fit?

Why Am I Being Charged For A Contact Lens Fit?


Certified National Contact Lens Examiner

The fitting of contact lenses for the patient provides one of the greatest challenges to the Certified Ophthalmic Assistant. That is why, at Joseph & Swan Eye Center we pride ourselves in having a Certified National Contact Lens Examiner. Visual problems may be corrected by many approaches, but each involves special fitting techniques and requires considerable skill on the part of the fitter. In addition, there is often a need for appreciable time and expense on the part of the patient, but if the results are successful, your efforts will have been well worth it. One last key to successfully fitting a patient with contact lenses is the follow up visits. That is why we do what we do--to help our patients see their best and to improve their quality of life.